Table Skirting - How To Measure

Measuring how much table skirting you need is simple

  • Measure all 4 sides of the table in inches
  • Divide by 12 to get the footage
  • Multiply it by the quantity of tables you have

Some Popular Sizes:

  • 60 Inch round tables are 5 feet long
  • 72 Inch round tables are 6 feet long
  • 90 Inch round tables are 7.5 feet long
  • 72 Inch/6 foot banquet tables need 17 feet of skirting to cover all 4 sides
  • 96 Inch/8 foot banquet tables need 21' of skirting to cover all 4 sides

All skirting is 29 inches high, unless you specify otherwise.

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