Vinyl Shower Curtains

10g Pebble White | Cropped White Shower Curtain
10g Pebble White | Full View Shower Curtain
6g Parquet Blue | Full View Curtain
6g Parquet Clear | Curtain
6g Parquet Clear | Shower Curtain
6g Parquet Beige | Curtain Full View
10g Pebble Beige | Cut Sides Shower Curtain
10g Pebble Beige | Full View Shower Curtain

Product Description

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Gary Manufacturing offers a full range of industrial and commercial shower curtains.  Our vinyls are specially formulated to meet a variety of industry needs.  We offer Anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistance, as well as materials formulated to meet strict Prop 65 compliance issues.  We can produce a curtain to meet your specific needs.  Extra long?  Extra wide?  We've got you covered! 

We sell curtains to the following industries:

  • Gyms
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Farms
  • Schools
  • Corporate Centers


Constructed of the best materials available and sewn with quality and precision in mind, we can meet your needs with quick lead times and custom sizes.

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Typical sizes are listed here, however we can make this shower curtain in any custom size.  Please note that any curtain ordered bigger than 70" in both directions will need a vertical seam.  To place an order for a custom size, we'll need the width first (wall to wall) by the height (ceiling to floor).  Extra long and extra wide shower curtains are our specialty.

Typical Widths;

35", 48", 70", 90", 120" wide

Typical Heights;

70", 84", 96", 108", 120" high

Clawfoot tub size;

180" x 68"


Gary Manufacturing specializes in extra wide and extra long, hard to find sizes.  Tell us the dimensions of your opening and we will custom produce a curtain for you. 


Grommets across the top.  Spaced evenly every 6 inches.

Velcro across the top.  We sew on loop and provide sticky hook for your application.

Fold-over with velcro or snaps.  This allows the curtain to fold over the rod.  Specialty design for hook-free hanging.



Add clear windows to top, bottom, or both. 

Add mesh to top, 12" mesh or 22" mesh.

Add magnets, weights, suction cups, or specialty grommet sizes.


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