Shower Curtain Fabric Fold-Over Velcro

Product Description

Our high quality, hookless, commercial-grade stall-size shower curtains are preferred by Correctional Facilities, Prisons, Jails and Psychiatric Centers. Our standard hookless stall size shower curtain is 36" wide x 70" high, but we can produce any size you need.

Choose sturdy 6 gauge vinyl in 6 six different colors, or premium 10 gauge. Both are flame-retardant, and contain anti-bacterial properties to resist bacteria, mildew or fungus. Order your stall-size shower curtains without hems along the sides and bottom for high-traffic showers, as a cut edge allows for soap scum and other bacteria to easily drain off.

Please see the links to the right for more information on colors, materials and sizes.

2 Basic Hookless Curtain Styles: Fold-over, and Break-away


  • Fold-over top institutional hookless shower curtain:

No hooks are needed by our fold-Over Shower Curtains. The curtain simply wraps over the top of the shower rail or rod securely and easily, without any hooks. Specify snaps along the top, or Velcro. Watch a video about our fold-over hookless shower curtains to see how they attach to the rail.

  • Hookless Window Shower Curtain:

• Order it with a clear top and/or bottom window for easy monitoring of bathers. The window size may be specified, but 1/3 the overall height of the shower curtain is standard. The middle section is opaque, and still provides privacy.

  • Safety hookless curtain with Velcro strip at top to secure to wall or ceiling:


This curtain is the ultimate safety curtain, because it hangs directly from the ceiling or wall without any hooks. It is extra long to reach the ceiling, and has a horizontal strip of Velcro across the top instead of grommet holes. We send an additional sticky strip of Velcro to attach to the ceiling that then attaches to the curtain. Any bather who pulls on the curtain, or applies weight to it, simply pulls the shower curtain down. Watch a video about our safety hookless shower curtains to see how they attach to the ceiling, doorway, or wall.

• Optional: order with vertical Velcro tabs to slide into a ceiling-mounted rail. Tabs are 4” long x 1” wide. We supply 1 tab every 12” of curtain; if you require more tabs, please let us know. Please specify slider tabs, or button tabs.


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