Rack Covers

Product Description

We manufacture a variety of rack covers in fabric, vinyl (plastic), and other textiles to cover various racks. Our line of rack covers is designed for indoor use only, and all of our covers can be ordered with features such as zippers, velcro, windows, etc. We offer a wide variety of materials, features, and sizes to suit your needs.  Choose from our product line of rack covers or create your own custom rack cover to meet your specific needs.
Our standard rack cover is 4-sided, has 2 corner zips on the front for easy access to your rack's contents, and the door can be permanently opened or securely closed.
No minimum order for rack covers!

Our rack covers are a good solution for the following applications:

  • Storage Racks
  • Equipment Racks
  • Wire Racks
  • Computer Racks
  • Bun Racks
  • Custom Rack Covers can be ordered also

Features and options for our rack covers include:

  • Zippers for easy opening and covering.
  • Velcro to open/close or secure to the rack.
  • Ties to hold it to the rack, or to open a ‘door’ on the cover
  • Slits to run wires or cables.
  • Grommet holes to run a wire lock system to the rack.
Our most popular material choice is our 12 oz vinyl Banna.  This material is a milky clear plastic that has a reinforced internal nylon scrim layered between two layers of plastic.  This makes the cover extremely strong and durable.
We can also manufacture rack covers in nylon, polyester, and canvas.  Additional plastic films and other vinyls such as Sure Chek and anti-static film are available also.

To order a rack cover:

Please provide us with the dimensions you require, width x depth x height, and consider whether you want it go all the way to floor or slightly above.
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