Extra Wide or Extra Long Shower Curtains

Product Description

We manufacture shower curtains that are extra wide and/or extra long for commercial or residential use.  With higher ceilings, and taller hotel bathrooms, there is a strong demand for extra long (tall, or large) shower curtains and shower curtain liners, and the same can be said for extra wide. 

Our most popular extra long/wide curtains are made from vinyl (plastic), but water-repellant fabric is also available.  Our extra long/wide shower curtains are typically ordered by Hotels, Country Clubs, Hospitals, and Residences.  Our best-selling shower curtains can be ordered in any combination of sizes, width x height. (See below for sizes.)

Whether ordering water repellent fabric, or waterproof vinyl, our extra wide/long shower curtains contain anti-microbial properties to reduce mildew growth.  The fabric material may be washed in the laundry.  The vinyl is a plastic film which can simply be wiped clean.

#1 - Select from one of these popular extra long
(tall/high)sizes for your shower curtain:

#2 - Then pair it with one of these widths:

68" high

70" high

72" high

74" high

76" high

78" high

80" high

84" high

86" high

90" high

96" high

108" high

120” high


70" wide

72” wide

74” wide

76” wide

78” wide

80” wide

86” wide

90” wide

96” wide

120” wide

168” wide

170” wide

180” wide


Or any custom curtain height you require.  Custom sizes in width are also available.


If you are a commercial or a residential customer, ask us to mail you a free swatch of vinyl or fabric, so you see the quality of the material before you order an extra wide/long shower curtain.  Swatches of material are free and are sent out via US Mail.  Just ask!

Please tell us the width and height you require.

We use nickel-plated aluminum grommets for no rust. Our standard construction style is a hem on both sides and along the bottom for a finished look. Vinyl curtains without hems are suggested for high-traffic showers, as a cut edge allows for soap scum and other bacteria to easily drain off.

For increased durability, all shower curtains have a reinforced top header where the grommets are inserted. For vinyl, we use a 1" thick 6 gauge vinyl strip sewn in for reinforcement. For fabric, we double over the header, and hem it. In both cases, the construction provides less tear, and longer wear. Commercial shower curtains may be ordered in other header styles such as a sewn rod pocket or a snap-over hookless style.

Please see the links to the right for more information, including fabric and vinyl (PVC plastic) options and colors.