Custom RV Windshield Drapes by Coach Coordinates

Product Description

Custom RV Windshield Drapes are exactly that - drapes for your RV windshield. 
They are pleated and made in pairs (2 panels), but can be ordered as a single panel, three panels, four panels, or with stepped lengths for an additional charge. All custom RV windshield drapes come with one set of tie backs that secure with Velcro, so they can be easily kept out of the way when not in use. When measuring for RV windshield drapes, measure each track from side to side for the width, and from the top of the track down to where the curtain should fall, for drape length. We always add an extra 5" to 12"  to the width of each panel to allow for fullness, so you can be sure your custom RV windshield drapes will hang nicely and fully cover your windshield.      


All of our RV curtains are ready to hang on your existing track when they arrive.  The curtains are fully lined, and custom made for your RV. All pricing is based on size, style, and quantity of curtains ordered.

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