Washer/Dryer Covers

Protect your laundry applainces from dust and moisture. Extend their life with quality, heavy-duty canvas covers.
We manufacture the most durable washing machine covers on the market. 
Our washer and dryer covers are double-stitched for durability. They are water repellent and mildew resistant. 
We specialize in a cover that is extremely durable for long-lasting wear. Our washer and dryer covers protect your appliances from dust and moisture- a major cause of electronic failure. The cover prevents stains, chips and rusting on all painted and chrome surfaces.
Choose from breathable, pre-shrunk cotton duck in Navy or 10 gauge vinyl with ant-bacterial properties for no mildew in beige.
These covers easily slip over your washer or dryer. The back is open, so there is no interference with your water or electrical connections. The covers fit a standard washing machine or dryer.
Our covers come in a one size fits all.
Width: 29"
Back Height: 37"
Depth: 28"
Front Height: 30"
As with everything at Gary Manufacturing, our covers are Made in the USA. 
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