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Product Description

For more than 20 years, Gary has designed and manufactured Incontinent Wear and related Incontinence Products. Gary Care is our line of reusable Incontinent Pants, Diapers and Bedding for individuals with bladder and bowel incontinence. We are an innovator in materials, especially our proprietary vinyls, Softwear™ and Euroflex™, which are non-toxic. Our flannels are made of 100% natural fibers that allow maximum absorption and comfort.

Quality Reusable Products That Protect With Comfort

Gary Care comes with a reputation for solid protection, quality and durability.

All our products are reusable and will withstand numerous launderings, making them a cost-effective solution for people on fixed incomes. Additionally, their reusability makes them a great alternative to people concerned about the environmental impact of disposable products.

The line is designed with fit, comfort and protection in mind. Each product is individually sewn to specification, meeting the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Satisfaction Across Customers

We service customers ranging from residential care facilities, to online medical products suppliers, to senior homecare service providers. Our consistent quality, excellent customer service, and quality products have earned us a loyal clientele.

The Care Product Line Includes:

  • Gary Original Pants in Pull-On or Snap-On
  • Gary Comfort Pants in Pull-On or Snap-On
  • Gary Bloomers
  • Diapers, including Flat, Insert Pads, and Pull-On Terry
  • Bibs & Smocks
  • Bedding, including mattress covers, and pillow covers

Our most popular products include vinyl incontinent pants, pull-on briefs, bikini style briefs, vinyl pants with snap closures, terry-lined waterproof pants, flannel-lined plastic pants, plastic mattress and pillow covers.
All pants and products are made in the USA.

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