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We know we’re not exactly a Fortune 500 company- but we think the same rules still apply: use the same tools as the big guys and one day maybe we’ll become a big guy. To us, this means using new technologies, exploring global production capabilities, and being socially responsible.

Production for a Global Economy

At Gary Manufacturing we are still producing 100% of our product line in the US, just as we've done for 50 years. While we are located close to the border of Mexico, everything in our product line is produced at our facility in sunny San Diego, California. 

Occasionally, in special private-label cases, we will produce an item for a client in China or Taiwan. This offshore production is done because the item warrants a certain price-point that can only be achieved with lower material and production costs. Just like here, out quality control is rigorous and meets our client's needs of quality and price. However, this does mean that lead-times are longer. 

“Our single biggest offshore production item is the advertising specialty/promotional shower curtain we produce for our customers like Miller Lite. Producing these screen-printed shower curtains offshore makes sense for our price-sensitive customers. Because the item is usually a give-away, we produce it offshore where labor costs and material costs are much, much lower.” - Belinda Smith, Business Development.

Adapting to a Global Economy

As a company within the plastics and textiles industry, it is important to us that we do everything we can to lighten our footprint. We ensure our products are designed and manufactured for a long, long life. 

We do not market any of our goods as disposable or "single-use." On the contrary, everything we manufacture is designed to be reused. 

Our factory is light and bright: the 10,000 square foot production area is a large, open floor where machinery is efficiently and safely laid out. It is lit with multiple skylights for the best possible natural lighting, and because we are situated within a mile from the Pacific Ocean, there is no need for air conditioning. We simply open the doors and windows all summer.

We may be a small player but we believe we are very much a part of globalization, and remain excited and committed to an improved future.

Technology for a Global Economy

We use tech tools that most manufacturers have not yet embraced, including: the web, email, and new for 2009: a blog! Stay up to date with us as we share some of the challenges manufacturers face and introduce more details about exciting projects.

Also, you can follow us on Twitter.

In 2013 we dipped our toes into the social media scene. We're posting cool pics on Pinterest, giving further updates via videos on YouTube, and posting snippets on life at Gary via Google Plus.  

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