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Custom Covers

We manufacture a wide variety of unique custom sewn machine covers. Our machine are manufactured from nylon, plastic, vinyl, pack-cloth, and other materials.  Do you have a unique machine that needs it's own dust cover? Are you looking for a great way to keep your brand identity in place while still protecting your machinery?  Gary Manufacturing has a team that can help you!  We will help you design your machine cover based on specifications and pictures you provide.  We will produce a sample for you and redesign if needed.  We will manufactur your custom machine cover with quality materials and workmanship that you can be proud of. 

Our customers love to print or embroider their logo's on their civers.  Marketing begins with a great brand identity, we can help you achieve the professional look you're expected to have to compete in business today.

We make custom machine covers for a variety of industries and products.

Examples Include;

  • Medical equipment
  • Laboratory Machines
  • Industrial Machines
  • Car wash machinery


We specialize in custom, hard-to-fit product machine covers. All of our custom-made covers can be silk screened or embroidered with your logo. If you require a quote call us with the dimensions, specifications for fabric, and quantities required.

We can also send you swatches of our material.


Custom sizes and dimensions made to fit your machine.


Construction : 

Each custom machine cover is constructed in such a way as to effectively cover your machine to protect it from dust or dirt.  We will design your cover with cost efficiencies in mind and will attempt to meet all your custom needs with our design solutions.

  • Large machines
  • Small machines
  • Complicated shaped machines
  • Portable machines
  • Stationary machines
  • Hard to fit machines

Drop on covers

Custom fitted covers

Cut outs


Extra coverage for storage

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