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Custom Size Shower Curtains for Residential Use

We manufacture custom length shower curtains for residential use. You may order 1, or many, however, the more you order of the same exact curtain, the lower the cost. You may select any of our fabrics and/or vinyls.

We specialize in extra long and extra wide shower curtains, stall size shower curtains, and hard to fit shower curtains, like the ones that go around a claw foot bathtub. Of course, standard sizes are available.

Measuring your extra long or extra wide shower curtain:
Width/length - this is the measurement from wall to wall for your shower curtain.
Height - this is the measurement from top to bottom, (or rail to tub/floor,) for your shower curtain.
A standard size shower curtain is 70" wide x 70" high.

A stall size shower curtain can be any one of the following sizes, or custom:

Width: 35", 42", 48", 60", 70" or 80"
Height: 70", 80", 84", 96" 108" or 120"
Clawfoot tubs require a 180" wide x 68" high.

Please tell us the width and height you require.

Unfortunately custom length shower curtains are not returnable.

Our standard, extra long, and stall size shower curtains are available in:

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