Wholesale shower curtains, made in USA.

November 12th


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Wholesale shower curtains produced at our facility.  Thumbnail on right shows embossed textured surface of our best-selling 10 Gauge White Pebble shower curtain.




We are a wholesale supplier of shower curtains.  All of our shower curtains are produced here in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in Chula Vista, California.
One option for our wholesale shower curtains is to order them in PVC vinyl.  Our 10 gauge white vinyl shower curtain is our number one selling curtain.  All types of customers purchase this wholesale curtain from us: universities, gyms, hospitals, and anyone else looking for a long-wearing, commercial grade of shower curtain.
Our 10 gauge White Vinyl is also available in beige.  It wipes clean easily, and has a slight embossing on the outside that looks and feels like the skin of an orange.  This texture gives it a lightly textured look.
One of our customers recently ordered these shower curtains for their dorms.  The buyer wrote us to say, “We love the quality of these shower curtains.  They stay free from mildew, and are holding up very well despite the abuse by our students!”
The university ordered our wholesale shower curtains with nickel-plated grommets at the top, in a 35.5 x 72 size.  They specified no side or bottom hems to help mitigate the growth of mildew. 
Our best pricing on wholesale shower curtains is on the purchase of 100 or more, however we offer wholesale pricing on 12, 24, and 36 also.


For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or check out http://www.garymanufacturing.com/