Extra Long Fabric Shower Curtains

May 3rd


Author Belinda
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We manufacture extra long fabric shower curtains.  Customers like hotels or homeowners prefer fabric shower curtains because they look better than vinyl. 

The fabric we recommend for our extra long shower curtains is our Super Repel Poly.  It’s completely waterproof and extremely durable, but is soft to the touch.  Because it's waterproof, it can also be used as a liner.

The Super Repel Poly is 100% interlock polyester with a 1 mil waterproof film to ensure water stays inside the tub, not the floor  And, it's completely washable.

Most fabric shower curtains only stay waterproof for 12 -16 washes.  Not ours.  Our Super Repel Poly will stay waterproof for 50 commercial washes, guaranteed.  If you wash your curtain 3-4 times a year, this means 12 years of waterproof use!

With a strong, but soft hand, incredible durability and easy maintenance, super Repel Poly is:
-    100 % Woven textured polyester taffeta
-    2.6oz medium weight
-    Resilient but soft
-    Washable
-    Super durable water repellent
-    Resistant to mold and mildew
-    Available in stall-size curtains, extra-long, extra wide, and regular sizes

Specifically developed for clients who need high quality, commercial, fabric shower curtains at an excellent value, our Super Repel Poly is perfect for clients like hotels, and public gyms.

For more information on this and all the products we produce, contact us today: 1 800 775 0804 or check out http://www.garymanufacturing.com/http://www.garymanufacturing.com/

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